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People in the west do not know how to distinguish between East Asian countries, and people are no longer news, and there are often embarrassing things. But because of this misunderstanding caused not only embarrassment, yesterday, at a charity dinner, the new England patriots star quarterback, NFL history of the first star Tom Brady told Japanese reporters revealed that he will visit China in June.

The interview process is very interesting, the dinner lined the entrance channel from around the reporter, Brady and cheap nfl jerseys,cheap football jerseys,cheap jerseys his wife, Brazil supermodel Giselle Bundchen play together. In passing the press box, first Bundchen interview, praised her husband. After ndchen went forward, and Brady came to another group of reporters next to the reporter and the Brady Japanese television a few pleasantries, Brady like Bundchen, praised his wife, said today she was dressed in his best love. Then the Schmidt suddenly said.

"I am looking forward to experiencing the Chinese culture and meeting the customs of USA."."

But there was no Chinese on his side of the reporter, you are not attracted to this sentence, then immediately returned to the topic of the interview are content and relevant ndchen.

But for us, this is certainly a big story, and there has never been an active NFL superstar visiting China like Brady. NFL in recent years USA heat increase a lot, the past two years also had a few number of players visit, including former San Francisco 49 four Joe Montana, the former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu - the greatest quarterback, one of Payton Manning's history, these are the absolute level of the hall of fame the players, but they are also a retired star. While the Brady player's reputation, will be more than the previous visit any player, not only because of his great performance in the past 17 years led the Patriots won five Super Bowl champion, his wife is ndchen this matter, also let a lot of NFL are not familiar with the fashion audience understand to him.

The United States of New York, 2017 of the New York Metropolitan Museum of fashion celebration, football star Tom Brady and supermodel wife Giselle - ndchen red carpet, two sweet kiss in front of the whole world. So next month the arrival will set off a hitherto unknown NFL boom in cheap jerseys from china,china jerseys,wholesale jerseys zhuixing. The visit time is at the end of 6 months from now, more than in January. Next, as his visit draws near, we will bring further details of his itinerary and schedule.

More surprising is the Chicago bears after the San Francisco 49ers football jerseys deal with the pick to choose the University of North Carolina quarterback Mitch - Chubisiji. This makes the Chicago bears fans at home a gush in the network, is not only the fans feel puzzled, and even the general manager of San Francisco even a team of 49 people responsible for the operation of the John - Lynch puzzled, Lynch once said he began to think that the Chicago bears will choose Solomon - Thomas, and will not let such a brilliant young people fall in their own hands, so Lynch and 49 of San Francisco's chief strategy officer palakad Mares also conducted a debate.

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