Monthly Archives: October 2017

Eagles become league leaders

  Beijing time 8:30 a.m. October 24th. Philadelphia hawks home at the same area rivals Washington red. As the old rivals, the red team won the Hawks by 86 wins, 74 losses and 5 draws. Before the season, the Hawks had been defeated 5 times in the face of the red shirts. The Hawks play this year and beyond all expectations, the second grade quarterback Carson Wentz also overperforming, 3 file conversion success rate even more than 50%, ranked first […]

Tom Brady shoulder condition is unknown

Tom Brady, the new England Patriots quarterback, missed Tuesday’s team training, the first time he has missed team training this season. According to sources, the left shoulder sprain Brady, but is not expected to miss Sunday’s game against New York jets jersey. Brady injured, the patriot is tantamount to a storm. In October 1st against the Carolina Panthers team, Brady’s left shoulder seems to have been hurt. But in the team after the game training, he showed training level as […]

Superman returns from NFL jerseys

Newton set the record as the first man in history The long-awaited eleven long vacation, coincidentally, this week’s NFL games are also very exciting, to everyone’s holiday, watching a good start in life. Wonderful game, natural data interesting data, take a look at it. New Orleans saints 20-0 Miami dolphins The brave and rely on the defense attack group, the saints made in London by the way beyond all expectations of victory, in recent years the saints defense because of […]