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76 Kansas chief 49ers jerseys target Xian Wei Justin Houston

Houston last season has been affected by injuries, causing him to return in the last 1/3 season, plus the playoff game, a total of just 5 games, but this did not affect his fifth consecutive NFL 100 star list. In these 5 games, Houston still handed over 4 capture, you can look forward to the 2017 season, his full blood regression.

75 Delaney – Walker, Tennessee Titans near the front

This is the 33 year old Feng came to Nashville in the near end after the 2013 season began outbreak, the 2014 season to get 890 yards, the 2015 season is 1000 to 1088 yards, and 2016 season Walker got 800 yard ball push code number, at the same time there are 7 receiving touchdowns, career best. Walker also makes the IAOP occupation bowl list, and second into the NFL 100 star list.

74 Harrison Smith – Minnesota Vikings safetys

Smith for second consecutive years to enter the top 100 star list, ranking in 2016 732017 is 49ers jerseys target just a back to 74. The tough swimming guard can defend against the coverage, although not particularly attractive, but in the fight against the capture, but it is very good. In the 2016 season, Smith played only 14 games because of injury, but handed over a total of 104 tackles, 4 of which were negative yards, and even had 2 kills. The 2016 season Smith won the PFF score of 80.4, ranking tenth safety alliance.

73 Philip – Rivers, Santiago lightning quarterback

“Big river” should be the league’s strength, but because of the team’s record, causing concern perennial can not improve one of the quarterback. In terms of data, Rivers is in some way comparable to Bracey, but Rivers and his lightning are always at a critical moment. Rivers handed over 4386 yards of passes and 33 passes in the 2016 season, 4000 yards in four consecutive seasons, and 34 single passes from his best single season. Don’t forget, the Saijilifusi around the ball team because of various injuries for the combination of too many.

72 – Taylor REVIN Tennessee Titans offensive tackle

In the 2016 season, the Titans had little fame, but their strength and performance were able to reach the top three of the attacking front. As a left offensive tackle the most important position, REVIN last season released 1 sacks, the blind side of Mario Kobita’s protection is quite good. PFF website to levain made a score of 88.5, the League offensive tackles ranked seventh, which pass protection also have a score of 85.9 points. Let him play the top in the 2016 season career first selected occupation bowl, is also the first time on the list of the 100 star.

71 Julian Egypt, Del, new England patriots, take over

For Edelman, we definitely are very familiar with. The nickname “squirrel” receiver is not only one of the Patriots 49ers jerseys target star players, but also the most love Brady took over. When the third conversion, Edelman can always come forward to solve problems in groove guard. Of course, what impressed him most in the 2016 season was definitely the super difficult catch at the end of the fourth quarter of the super bowl, setting the stage for the final equaliser. Edelman received 1106 yards of 2017 yards in the season, the best career.

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