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In this lonely NFL offseason, happened to those interesting in today’s NFL League? Let’s have a look:

Beckham together with Pogba roller coaster crazy dance

Odell – Beckham and Paul – the two bogeba, are full of high spirit of entertainment star in the field often use a similar action to express their feelings, some unique celebrations, some interesting. Of course, Beckham and Pogba is already know their friends, Beckham once went to Europe for pleasure will pull Pogba. But what can really make American football superstars and international soccer superstars play their wild game? There’s probably no place better than an amusement park.

The club too much consumption of energy, sometimes make people tired, but Beckham with bogeba will choose to go to the amusement park ride roller coaster what really surprised some people, after all, the two players are leading figures in the field of each other, but then again they both only 20 years old age, it is not astonishingly, they are just kids! This time, the two went to the Six Flags Magic Mountain, a popular theme park for the nation’s most popular young people and those obsessed with roller coasters. The crazy roller coaster thrills just like dozens of Beckham with bogeba appetite, and when the two met, no matter where, that nature is little not the ecstasy of the dance, even if two people were strapped to the roller coaster, they still indulge in their own dance.

Six Flags Magic Mountain roller coaster can reach a maximum speed of 70 miles, with a roller coaster opened in Beckham bogeba in preparation for very restless, Beckham was the first to start their own “dance”, he sat in his seat beside the crazy twist, then join together bogeba a dance scene, the fundamental control don’t live, sitting behind them in the audience was unable to suppress her smile.

I have to say, Odell – Beckham and Paul – he is very enjoy their holidays.

Von Miller has decided to brush up on his figures next season

Von Miller was believed to be rushed from hand, the best in the League last season, in fact, in the 100 star ranking nfl jerseys game he just behind Tom Brady came in second, and von Miller also in 2017 100 list ranked the highest star defensive player. Unfortunately, von Miller was the second best defensive player of last season.

The new season – Ribon Miller to set a goal, that is to become the NFL League captured and killed the largest number of players last season, von Miller captured and killed only 13.5 times last season, and the maximum number of players is captured and killed at the Vic Beasley Atlanta military falcon, von Miller in the United States Sunday officially on Twitter to Vic Beasley issued a challenge.

“I’m coming to you, Beasley.”.” Feng – Miller wrote on twitter.

Delete the Vic Beasley in season 15.5 sacks from the league’s leading red hand, but in recent years NFL data jerseys captured and killed King lowest, this is mainly because of this defensive monster like JJ- Watt because of injury claims, the past few years, there will be 20 players above the sacks.

If Mr Miller wanted to kill the king in the 2017 season to become the escapement, then he needs to work hard, because of Miller’s career sacks the largest number of season is 2012 18.5 sacks, after his single season sacks and no more than 14 times.

The former Super Bowl MVP players have the ability to become the league’s best defensive player, but due to the different position of Miller is sometimes not like Beasley or Watt as a direct impact on the opportunity as a quarterback outside linebacker, we don’t, Hu will deny that Miller is the historical level of defensive player, but the data might not be so conspicuous.

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