Beckham signed the contract for the most expensive shoes

Odell – Beckham got the biggest contract so far in his career, but the funny thing is that the contract didn’t come from the New York giants, but from the famous sports brand Nike.

Today, Nike, Adidas has previously signed Odell Beckham cheap football jerseys out of the contract, the contract value is so high, because Adidas had tried to take Beckham away from Nike’s Nike, so choose to use this price, Adidas opened the contract. Although no detailed sources, but according to the parties to the news that Odell Beckham of this contract for a period of five years, Beckham every year can get about $5 million endorsement income, but also there are other aspects of the endorsements, after some hard conditions to complete the Nike, his endorsement contract will be extended to 8 years 50 million dollars, so that Beckham became the NFL alliance shoe brand the highest paid player in this contract, Nike did not say too much, but Beckham also just another broker Ze gram – sadhu to do some short answer.

“This is a great step forward, which means that Beckham has become an icon, a symbol.”

Beckham’s value is not just on the pitch. He has high public influence. He has 8 million 310 thousand fans on Instagram and 2 million 300 thousand on twitter. He pays great attention to the shoes he wears in each game, which are specially made by Nike.

Beckham was in the 2017 season of his fourth year contract with New York giants, when he signed a contract with the giants for 5 years with a year’s team option, valued at around $18 million 800 thousand. He can get a basic salary of about $1 million 830 thousand for the 2017 season, plus other bonuses, he might be able to harvest 3 million 300 thousand dollars, for the New York giants performed his 2018 contract option, the next year he has about $8 million of income. But it is still far from his shoe brand, although Beckham became NFL the highest voice, but compared to other areas of the star, Beckham is pale into insignificance by comparison, as the 2015 Lebron – James and Nike signed a lifetime endorsement, worth more than $1 billion, with Michael Jordan; 2016 C Ronaldo and Nike signed a lifetime contract, like James is worth over $1 billion, and the highest in NFL Beckham ambassador is only 5 years and $25 million of this contract, Lebron – James has an insurmountable gap, if not more than C, James, the life of the contract, the huge Beckham than Kevin Durant 10 years of $300 million endorsement fee is a gap, it can only say that because of restrictions of NFL, it is far from the player than the contract, It is no surprise that NBA, the world’s most influential player, can surpass the endorsements of NFL players.

This summer, the library at the beginning of that 4 year $44 million contract expires, Durant also has the right to opt out of his contract to become a free agent, Iguodala, Livingston, West, Javier, David Pachulia – Mcgee – winning hero will become a free agent, the workload and difficulty of general manager Bob Meyers this summer face is not small. Among them, the warrior’s top priority is undoubtedly to retain curry and Durant, and their follow-up operation depends on what kind of contract the curry and Durant have signed.

The first is the library, although his age less than ten years, but according to the new agreement to increase the “designated veteran clause”, the two MVP winner because to meet the requirements, this summer could earn up to a 5 year contract worth $205 million, slightly more than $35 million in salary.

The second is Durant, after the end of the season, his age is over ten years, signing salary accounted for 35% of the nfl football jerseys maximum salary contract salary cap. Since the warriors do not have Durant’s Byrd clause, he can sign for up to 4 years, with a starting salary of slightly more than $35 million.

However, with Durant Curry’s situation is different, if he was going to ask for the maximum salary contract, the Warriors must have enough cap space to re sign Durant, due to lack of warriors salary space, which means that they need to give up Iguodala, Livingston, Mcadoo, Clark, et al. The signing right, it will not only make the warriors lost several winning hero and subsequent operations will have a great influence on signings.

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