Before the League running back teammate praise of saints

Adrian Peterson and Bracey ready to succeed together

Adrian Peterson and New Orleans saints signed, this is not a small news, especially the team is ready to take Mark Ingram as a running back, running back, but Adrian Peterson did not feel too much, after joining the saints, he also said “I ready for the team” of words, he joined the saints offensive backcourt, he joined the saints also feel very comfortable. Even though he may be in after Ingram will have the opportunity to play, but Adrian Peterson a relieved, he said he would help and guide the young running back, and Peterson for Drew – Bracey is looking forward to, he said he just thinking about playing with Bracey felt very excited.

“In the game on the Drew behind Bracey, oh, this is what feeling? The opponent will jerseys china be how to deal with us? I’m looking forward to the first week of the game. We can start fighting. I want to see what our opponents are going to do to us.” Peterson said. He had never worked with a quarterback like Drew Bracey in his career, so imagine how Peterson was in his heart. In addition to Bracey, he also praised his partner Ingram.

“I will teach Ingram hand in hand, teach him everything I can give him, and we will do a lot of things together, and we will cooperate very happily.”.” Peterson said.

In view of this, New Orleans city is the love of Peterson, he felt very happy here, even if the New Orleans saints as the new England patriots or the Seattle Seahawks, but Bracey is as powerful as the player is enough, but the saints in the 2017 draft pick up some good players, believe that Peterson and the saints can get better in the next season.

Rape rookie face no punishment Alliance

Galen Conley, the Oakland Raiders rookie first round did not enter the NFL by some bad things, this young man was accused of rape, he was summoned by the police and DNA alignment, but outside the things will not affect his future in the NFL alliance, because NFL is not on whether he made the rape of such crimes any punishment.

Because these things are happening before Conley participate in the draft, then he is not a formal alliance will not punish the NFL player, the player, this time also was confirmed by the NFL alliance’s official spokesman Brian Mccarthy.

According to NFL’s rules and regulations, if Conley involved in another problem in his NFL career before the start, this woman’s statement can still play a role. The NFL rules mentioned that when weighing the punishment, it is necessary to consider whether the player’s behavior occurred before his NFL career began. Of course, the NFL cheap china jerseys regulations also refer to “aggravating or speeding up penalties, including throwing out alliances.”.”

In the draft of the two days before, a 23 year old young woman accused of Galen Conley in April 9th with the Cleveland hotel for its violence, she said Conley with people forced sexual relations with. But the matter is not conclusive, the police will continue to investigate the matter.

Conley has never acknowledged his guilt, he repeatedly demonstrates his innocence, he said these are completely wrong, Conley before the draft of the polygraph, but his lawyer said Conley undoubtedly passed a polygraph test.
Conley is former Ohio State University cornerback, due to alleged rape, Conley once fell first round pick twenty-fourth was selected to the Oakland raiders.

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