Bill’s first aid was fractured

Savage put relentless: I was the starting quarterback! No one can take it away!

Houston Dezhou first preseason game, quarterback Tom savage and rookie DeShawn Watson received playing time, but the performance of people seem to be more recognized by the latter, Watson let the fans see the future, Houston in the street is filled with all kinds of new human host, taking over tattle and prate. Of course, these words also reached the ears of Savage, restless Savage said he would seize the starting quarterback position in training.
“My idea is, this is my team, and I won’t let anyone take it.”!” “Now, I can’t control what happened,” Savage told the interview. “I can only do what I do.”. Our goal is to play well and win the game. That’s what I can really control.”

Compare data, in the first preseason game, Savage as the starting 11, pass 9 in 69 yards, there is no touchdown and mistakes. Watson came on the bench, got 25 passes, 15 passes, 179 yards, and ran a 24 yard dash.
On Monday’s training camp, Watson attended training on time, without an interview, and nothing unusual. Now Houston’s media every day to write about Watson’s outstanding performance, like the people of Dezhou on the official website of the title: “Obrien: DeShawn Watson every day in progress.” In fact, we all know Savage will eventually lose position, this is inevitable, how long does it take, depending on his performance in the season, if his preseason game every performance is better than Watson, Savage estimated that this season will be sitting on the bench.

“I’m proud of Tom,” coach Bill Obrien said of Savage. “He is a very useful tough guy, he really nfl jerseys china has been working hard at our playbook, every day he would go to the gym, but he had to overcome many difficulties, I think he’s here to do good, he is a good guy.”

Over the years the bench career let Savage do enough of the bench, especially to see the poor performance last season Oswald Wheeler after he felt his own spring has finally arrived, the final rounds of the league appearances of Savage did not feel he is, where is the difference between the Wheeler, and got the cheers of the fans, let this he strengthened his idea is not bad. If you have been taken away by a child after starting a summer, you are sure to be unwilling, but you have to admit that talent isn’t for everyone.

Bill’s first training session was broken

Last week, buffalo Bill just traded horns Ronald Darby for an outside Jordan Mathews, then sent Sami, Watkins, the top outside of the team to ram. Bill, who finished the counterpoint, was also pleased with a bunch of highly qualified draft picks, but the Jordan Mathews was injured in the team’s first training session.

According to the official statement of the club said Monday, Jordan – Mathews in the squad’s first training in the chest after fracture, although he continues to carry on the training, but did not attend the training after the press conference, Mathews is currently return undecided, but can confirm that the first few games he will miss the team.

16, NFL news summary: script Bill new aid first training unfortunately fracture

Bill chose to bid farewell to Sami – in exchange for Jordan – Mathews Watkins, in addition to the sale of indeed profitable, and this season the team performance, Watkins has been on the injured list, his glass property apparently let rush to the results of high-rise can not accept. Although Jordan Mathews’s output in the Hawks is not as efficient as Watkins, but stable and healthy, the last three years, 48 games, he was absent last year only two, belong to that kind of “come and use”, that is, combat power.

Without a fight wounds script lets the team be caught off guard, the wide receiver position began to wholesale jerseys appear too, reliable weapons currently quarterback Terode Taylor left only the veteran amkhan – Holmes and rookie Andrea bouldin, Jones Karzai, said you may not believe, Bill on the number of teams in the League last season pass the first attempt not strong offensive has now become more weak.

Buffalo since 1999 has never made the playoffs last season, the team was again shut out quickly after the playoff team coach for a times, a series of actions of the offseason as soon as possible making results, now they can only pray for Mathews to hurry up.

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