Brady and Oscar are attending ndchen

The day before the new England Patriots quarterback Tom legend Brady and his wife Giselle Bundchen attended MetGala (New York Metropolitan Museum of Art charity), Brady at the party and his wife Giselle – supermodel ndchen big show of affection, envy others. Not only that, Brady still party to the majority of Chinese fans brought a good news: he will visit Chinese next month. To know the set NFL in one of the highest honors Tom Brady was a real Indoorsman, unlike his wife often appear in public before Bundchen, Brady rarely attend public meetings, and the MetGala party invitations, Brady can not neglect, after all, this is called “Oscar fashion” party, various celebrities gathered. With the most absorbing eye appearance, attracted much attention on the red carpet for. It’s a recognition of a person’s status, and some people will do everything they can to get close to the MetGala threshold even if they don’t receive the invitation. The MetGala has also ushered in a lot of time at the 8 China star, supermodel Liu Wenru period to, and made his debut in the international fashion stage of Yang Mi and Brady couples with elegant temperament still revealed ndchen.

MetGala is a famous “devil”, “Vogue” magazine editor Anna Wintour (Anna Wintour) host, the purpose is to bring together the brightest star charity. To get in the fashion of Anna Wintour’s invitation summon wind and call for rain that’s great happiness. MetGala this year is still a couple outside the Brady Bundchen fruit sister Katie, like Perry, Rihanna, big cousin Jennifer Lopez stars full debut for Chinese audience, the most enjoyment is the famous actress Yang Mi’s stunning debut.

Yang Mi has a good taste in clothes for the first time to attend the MetGala did not disappoint, cheap football jerseys she was wearing decent, a black sequined dress, a dignified and generous, elegant temperament and collocation, and just perfect, Bangchen Brady on the same stage did not strive.

Of course, not only is the large power power, MetGala’s old friend, Liu Wen again showed her powerful, a dark blue V dress is very perfect, but also conquered the MetGala.
Fruit sister Katie – Perry red clothes do not face dew is very mysterious.

Rihanna’s fancy stitching really puts her on the road to flying herself

Of course, Brady with two people we absolutely can not miss Bundchen, wearing a gray dress collocation on Brady Kyrgyzstan empress sequined halter dress, two people in the fashion show in front of love, sweet kiss, touch the buttocks Brady staged a series of drama, heats up.

Of course, for us, at the party Chinese visit Brady mentioned the news, only to let the fans excited. It is said that this china cheap jerseys is not Chinese for any institution arrangement, by Brady his will. Interestingly, before the super bowl, Brady also deliberately recorded a video, Chinese fans to new year’s greetings, the video was released first in the Tencent sports, the response was enthusiastic. The next month, “the old man lent” Tom Brady will come to China, that will bring together the empress Ji, fans and friends ready to meet the legend?

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