Brady jerseys set the record

Rodgers encountered miles sad”

After the first game on Friday, most of NFL’s second week games start today, and this week’s games have created a lot of interesting statistics.

New England patriots, 36-20 New Orleans Saints jerseys

Although only 3 healthy array receivers, face the weak defense of the saints, the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady led the offensive team or back to the state, to win the track. Brady himself played the best 40 quarterback NFL history, 39 30 447 3 yard touchdown.

But the defense saints with the fact that the team in good pre-season is a paper tiger. Today came 447 yards in the Brady, 398 yards are from more than 15 yards passing, 3 touchdowns all are long. This level of resistance, I am afraid, will continue to let the team’s September losing streak.

Green Bay Packers nfl 23-34 Atlanta Falcons jerseys

After last year’s National League finals, the falcons last home game, superstar quarterback Aaron – Rodgers did not capture Atlanta today, in the first game of the new home of the falcons lost again. Rodgers, 50, 33, 343 yards, 2, 1, 7-31, in which his copy and a subsequent drop of the ball caused the Falcon’s team, the team was once behind. Rodgers had only 6 career games, 24 points behind the game, 2 of which were in the last two years of the year against falcons.

But today, Rodgers still finished a milepost, he came 300th career touchdowns, and only 4742 passes, surpassing Payton Manning, to become the NFL’s shots at least 300 touchdowns.

Because the defense gave the opponents a lot of trouble, today for quarterback Matt Ryan led the falcons offensive team, the task is relatively easy, so although was sacked 3 times, the team got a two digit margin of victory. In the last season Ryan was sacked at least 3 times in the game, the team only 3 wins and 3 losses (the team throughout the regular season also lost 5 games), that is to say the packers defensive thinking is correct, the next time you meet with this level of impact, the falcons can win is not to say.

Dallas cowboys 17-42 Denver Mustang

Two the second grade players could not find the state, even a cowboy tragic bloodbath in the plateau away. Four points guard – Prescott’s career second single field two shot (he only last season, a total of 4). Star running back Ezekiel – Elliot 9 times the ball only got 8 yards, there is no doubt that his worst performance. But rather than Elliot’s bad condition, perhaps the bigger reason is that the Mustang defense team is well prepared. In the game, Elliot only ran 0 yards before he had physical contact with his opponent, which means that every time he got the ball, he ran into the service line and hit the defensive player. The defensive skills of wild horses can be seen.
The horse side, four – waight leiwo ankura short sago pierced cowboy defense. He scored 25 shots within 10 yards, 4 touchdowns hit 21 times, and in more than 10 yards long, his performance is 7 1 1 steals. Why do it so well? Because running back CJ- Anderson touched the ball 25 times out of 118 yards rushing to live, it is easier to play, short.

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