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Articles fit into UA ndchen fishing gold partner

The 5 Super Bowl champion, 4 time super bowl MVP, 39 year old Tom Brady (Tom Brady) not only has a handsome appearance, outstanding performance and wife Giselle Bundchen, and a good business mind.
In football outside, Brady’s business layout also is an example of a top athlete.

According to the understanding of the old driver, Chinese, stay in Beijing and Shanghai in 5 days and 4 nights, in addition to the Under Armour platform, brand promotion of American football, and Jingdong boss Liu Qiangdong Brady, the Alibaba group senior private dinner. It is not difficult to see that the Chinese line is also seen as an opportunity to expand the market China brady.

The fans waited 5 hours in the heavy rain

In 19, Brady visited the Shanghai UA store, the sky began to drizzle, but this does not prevent the fans want to see Brady’s determination, more fans wait in the rain for 5 hours just to see Brady on the side, enough to see Brady in the China popularity.

In the event, with the well-known commentator on Scarlett Brady interview, when asked what are the best, Brady did not forget to promote UA, UA in respect of stores in goods are the best.

There was also a crazy designer who designed a helmet for Brady, and the same kind of T-shirts that he had produced had been mass-produced by UA. In return, the designer has been on the scene personally pick Brady ball so excited.
In the China Brady Campaign, for every hour and moment UA promotion from UA every day wear pajamas to bed feeling very well, UA products are the best, have to say that Brady commercial propaganda is also a “old rascal”.

The total salary before tax is nearly 200 million dollars

As the greatest NFL quarterback, from the 2000 debut season earn only $230 thousand today, in the 17 season of the new England patriots, the number of total pretax salary Brady has reached 196 million.

Everyone in the most controversial “Brady VS Manning who is the greatest quarterback in the competition, in addition to the 5 Super Bowl champion than Manning (2), to the end of the 2017 season, Manning Brady’s wage income has more than $190 million.

Considering that Manning had retired last year and Brady had renewed his contract with the nfl jerseys team for 3 years last year, Brady was the only one in a salary competition.

Two husband and wife fit for gold

On 2008, Brady and Brazil supermodel Giselle. There is no doubt that Bundchen married a Bundchen, it expands Brady’s fashion. Crush the actress at home you want to squeeze the “fashion” Oscar Met Gala, since the Brady and Bundchen almost every year since the wedding, both will work together to attend the fashion brand and become the major media darling. According to statistics, as of early 2017, united with the couple’s income Brady ndchen $600 million.

In addition to the salary, now carrying the Brady brand sports brand Under Armour, UGG, TAG Heuer, this part of the revenue of about $180 million.

In Shanghai, for Under Armour, Brady has been far from the more outspoken spokesperson, but brand partners, which shows the depth of cooperation with the brand.

With the fashion and entertainment circles intersect, Brady frequently “electric shock”, the most classic is in “2” Teddy bears the classic appearance, less than 20 of a second appearance, Brady paid 1 million dollars in the harvest.

Layout, sports, rehabilitation, electricity providers

In many public occasions, Brady had bluntly the current president of the United States Trump is their “old friends”, in jerseys nike nfl the white house before, Trump is American business predators, in addition to “summon wind and call for rain” favorite football team, Brady also contributed to this on investment and business interest of friendship between generations.

This appeared in Shanghai, Brady specifically mentioned the athletes with Under Armour to restore his pajamas, “the joint design of far infrared energy the pajamas can promote better sleep, and help the body recover quickly, promote blood flow and cell regeneration, can help the athletes to the real-time solution of their physical condition, obtains the sleep quality report personal.

In fact, in the game, Brady long will their business has come into the sports field of rehabilitation. He started TB12 with his trainer, a company focused on providing training for the athletes before the injury and injury after the restoration of the company, the company also provides business services, the sale of TB12’s own clothing, fitness equipment, nutrition, Brady endorsement of the recovery from here can also buy pajamas, a pair of pajamas priced at 100 dollars (about 660 yuan).

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