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The offseason bears biggest change is the quarterback position. They first cut is perhaps the first quarterback in team history (Jay Cutler), and then the original pirate backup quarterback (Mike Glennon) signed a 3 year contract in 45 million, then added in recent years after the team of Mark – Sanchez (Mark Sanchez), finally made a surprise deal on draft night, with the third sign with this year’s three or four round and round to sign next year to sign improve one place, off the North Carolina quarterback (Mitchell Trubisky).

Al Geoffrey

Star Jeffery (Alshon), although last year vowed to win Super Bowl for Chicago, but this year and the team shot two scattered. The bears signed a series of the (Markus, Wheaton) (Kendall, Wright) (Victor Cruz) three receivers, but I am afraid it is difficult to make up for the loss of Geoffrey’s departure.

In the free market, the bears’ biggest contract this year has been to the Dion Sims, 3, 18 million. In addition, they focus on adding defensive second line, Demps (Quintin), Prince (Amukamara), and (Marcus Cooper), these three will be the starting line-up for the new season.

On the draft, in addition to the second off Teru Bielski bears, still two Lunbu into tall proximal frontal (Adam Shaheen), the four round of the two potential (Eddie Jackson) (Tarik and Cohen) respectively to strengthen the safety and running back the depth.


(Jordan, Howard) running guard

Bears have never lacked a star run guard in their history, and Jordan Howard is the latest in the five nhl jerseys cheap round of last year’s show. In his rookie season, he rushed out of the League second high 1313 yards and scored 6 touchdowns, the ball also contributed 298 yards and 1 touchdowns. Excellent performance also allowed him to enter the career bowl in his first year of his career. The new season at quarterback and took a lot of variables, ball Howard will be the most offensive weapon for the bears on.

(Kyle, Long) front guard

In 2013, the bear picked the 20 – year-old guard from the University of Oregon, and Kell – Lang did not take it. His career was chosen as a career bowl for the first three years of his career. He not only by virtue of the 14 season good play was elected the best lineup in 15 season two array, stepped by guard to play offensive tackle, still played all star level. The 16 season of the long front shift back injured 8 games and missed the first time bowl occupation career. The new season long as can stay healthy, he and the star guard Josh Heaton composed about the law will, behind Howard and the new quarterback escort.

Attack team

Especially the inner group of three people will be where bears the advantages of last year’s two round pick Center (Cody Whitehair) in his rookie year brighten, ball cover can, punches the ball open extremely well, and his left and right sides is by Kell Lang and Josh Heaton the two alliance first-class support Feng. The two offensive Charles (Leno) and (Bobby Massie) will be a lot less, but as long as they can contribute the basic level of the starting level, then this will be a League first ten levels offensive forward.

In addition to Jordan Howard, the team for this year’s four round pick Tariq Cohen running back is expected to. 170 of the height Cohen fast, will add vitality to the team after the game. Before the attack led by Ron and Heaton striker, after running back two group he and Howard, the road bears the new season of the attack is worth looking forward to.

While passing attack is full of unknown, although getting signed a big contract for three years, but the actual security is only the first year, he needs to prove that he does have the ability as the team’s first long-term, but in the russki, to trade to show Bangyan, will be the future final answer bears?

After Geoffrey’s departure, the external position of hands was the most stable last year at the beginning of the season to take over Cameron Meredith No. five). Junior quarterback Meredith took over from outside the change in 15 years to undrafted identity and the bears signed, but in the last successful host, the ball 888 yards ahead of the team. I think many people remember his 50 yard hail to Maria when he played pirates last season.

In sharp contrast, the first round of the 15 year of the 7 show, two years, he played only 4 games because of wholesale jerseys injury, to maintain health will be his biggest test of the new season. The three new signings have their own problems. Marcus Wylton scored a career best 749 yards in the 15 season, size 17 is quite impressive, but the 16 season because of a shoulder injury has played only 3 games. The former giants star Victor Cruz suffered a torn patellar ligament season in 14 years, the 15 season is a no war, no longer have the courage to return to the field after 16 years. Kendall – Wright, in 2012 the first round of the Titans show, the second grade will get 94 receptions for 1079 yards beautiful transcripts, do not want to three years after the harvest is a career low 29 receptions. And took over the position compared to the proximal aspect front may be more optimistic, new signing Duhem Sims is directed to the first, and two round pick Adam Shahin in the training camp in the performance, some experts even think that he can be put on the first use of double tight end formation. Originally the main Zach – Miller (Zach Miller) has just recovered from a foot injury, he even need to fight for the squad seats……

Overall, the bear’s attacking forward and ground attack are worthy of confidence in the new season, and the passing attack must be fatalistic.

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