Faffe or return packers Manager

Bret faffe Pro bearing or return the packers

Bret faffe is famous for its long occupation career, he is the legendary Green Bay Packers quarterback, but also the history of top players, at the end of his occupation career, he often spoke of John elvy, he imagined that in elvy before retiring won the super bowl, of course, now Bret faffe has been unable to go back to the stadium for the super bowl, he is 47 years old, his grandson has been able to walk. But as John El – as Bret faffe may as the general manager of the Mustang elvy to do an NFL team.

No matter whether Favre is to work hard, at least he is verbally said, Favre said he is willing to return to football jerseys, trying to be a general manager or coach, 47 year old Bret faffe believes that he is going to have this.
“These things keep flash in my mind, because these things for me is not what is different, as a manager or as a general manager, they are involved in the game in some ways.” Bret faffe said, he ended his occupation career in 2010, in the rest years, Favre wants to return to football nfl jersey china occupation.

Faffe after retirement in Mississippi to Hattiesburg Oak Grove high school two years as a high school coach, but Favre thinks he does not belong to the high school.

“I’ve been in high school for two years, but these things aren’t my way. My father has done it for years. I just want to leave something on the court. What kind of coach will I be?” I always thought I would become a good coach, so I worked hard, I can do a coach, this is a happy thing, I find the competitive desire, apparently as a coach with the players is very different, I can find a lot of fun in them.”

The second quarterback is willing to do the team bench

The Chicago bears in the draft under the original capital for the pick, the bears chose the University of North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Chubisiji, the young quarterback obviously needs a lot of learning, and the Chicago bears are not assured early for a rookie on the team for the game, Chubisiji knows this, so he is very generous said his support for Mike Glennon as the starting quarterback.

“Mike is getting a good player, he is very professional, he is a good quarterback, together we can progress, we will help each individual progress, I think Mike is a good starter, anyway I as his replacement.”
“My job is to learn as soon as possible, into the attack group, and then go to the team’s starting position, Mike – Glennon in many things to help him a lot, and I will help him to give him as much as possible, from different angles to provide some help.”

“Mike is a great guy. He has always been the most important person for me to learn and develop. I’m lucky to have such a great teammate.” Chubisiji said.

The Chicago bears for getting paid a $18 million 500 thousand deposit, still on the draft choice Chubisiji, which makes many bears fans stunned.

Once that is Chubisiji cheated his feelings bears Chubisiji choice, but later Chubisiji said he had to go, but getting bad, he will certainly lose the starting position, these things we have got used to.

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