Houston Texas new season outlook

In fact, the people of Dezhou in the new season schedule in addition to southern area with old rivals, but also face the North American League and National League West rivals and new England patriots and Kansas City Chiefs, the following is the official schedule.

From the above analysis against the people of Dezhou, but this season is not difficult race, which against the tigers, patriots Seahawks Steelers and cardinals, crow, game for the team’s hard fight, but the people of Dezhou have the opportunity to achieve 2 to 3 wins, and the rest of the hands, if not surprisingly, the people of Dezhou should be able to take more than half. Bold prediction, Dezhou people in 2017, 12 wins and 4 losses, pushed forward into the playoffs.

This is Houston Dezhou people the basic situation of the new season, the team is quite good, but the actual situation is to wait until the new season officially kicked off to really see.

On the offensive, nature is the star wide receiver de Andrea Hopki, the 2015 season in Blaine – Hoyle, TJ and Brandon Yates Vuitton all pass easily finish 111 receptions for 1521 yards and 11 touchdowns, immediately selected occupation bowl and best second team of the year, as he entered the ranks of the super wide receiver. Aus Ville let him into a career trough. This year, Hopki still want to watch the team play quarterback play, rookie quarterback is generally not enough to take over the bonus, and Tom Savage on the team, Hopki will have some changes? We can only wait and see.

Attack front

For the people of Dezhou Houston attack group, play the line protection and the quarterback is crucial, last cheap jerseys for sale season Dezhou’s passing attack row fourth worst in the NBA, average every pass code turned out to be the bottom of the League for 5.9 yards, but it may not all the blame Oswald veller, although the quarterback did enough but, look at the people of Dezhou line, we can find a fact that the protection line may be enough to help to four points, in many sports website will be the 2017 season 32 teams offensive front line to sort out after the Dezhou offensive attack is invariably in the bottom position. Almost with the Seattle Seahawks striker.

According to sources, DeShawn Watson and savage in the face of their own defense training group had a good play, with Andre de Hopki, will Fuller, Braxton Miller, this one outstanding receivers, plus extra Rowe and Ryan Griffin, these excellent catch ability the proximal front, Dezhou’s passing attack is relatively smooth, believe that compared to last season, in 2017 there will be steady progress.

Defensive team

What are the disadvantages of Dezhou defense, it may be a meeting of experts together to discuss things in the defensive offensive, Houston in Dezhou after the Denver Broncos ranked second in the league, the two can be said to be at the same level, in particular, cornerback Boyer suddenly AJ- unknown to the public the outbreak, become the Dezhou team nike nfl jerseys cornerback best, but unfortunately the player was with rivals Jaguar from previous champion clowney led on the ground, the people of Dezhou released a total of 1595 yards and 13 touchdowns, ranked twelfth in the league, but with Dezhou last season, a total of 397 face red ball, the ball 4 yards per rushing out, performance is acceptable, may be the ground defense about people think for the people of Dezhou continue to strengthen.

Secret Service

Dezhou’s secret service is not particularly good, kicker Nick Novak kick hit rate of 85.4%, 40 yards shot all the hits, 40 yards to 14 shot 11 within 50 yards, 50 yards shot 6 in 3, 25 in 22 additional points of shooting, shooting only 88%; and the embarrassing is on hand to the people of Dezhou when 35 additional points all hit the shot. Play in abandon, Dezhou punter Sean lechler punt a total of 72 times the size of only 40.9 yards, 20 yards on line 30, a total of 477 return yards by the opponent, can be said to be the bottom of the league, while opponents kickoff return yardage is the League maximum 1135 yards. Roughly, the secret service for the Dezhou secret service is still very embarrassing, and the secret service team can do very little for the team.

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