Lions rookie outside eye-catching performance

The lion last season rounded out the red zone after touchdown percentage was 54%, ranked seventeenth, the success of the playoffs is a remarkable achievement.

If you can increase this percentage, the lion is expected to make the playoffs to continue this year, they will look round show is a part to help the team improve. Outside (Kenny Golladay) took over the height of 193cm is enough to complete the ball in the end zone, which is also the focus of his training on Sunday.

Stafford (Matthew quarterback) three times pass to him, the song music Di all receives, the splendid performance has attracted the honored guest (Chad Johnson) the intense praise. Coach Caldwell (Jim) has also participated in the training.

Caldwell commented: “every day he shows you his ability to catch the ball. He is tall and a good pass target.”. Besides, he has a great radius, so we can use him at will. Also, tall people are generally big strides, but the speed is not fast, Song Di Di did not have this kind of trouble. Speed is a prerequisite for becoming a good player, and Song Di runs very fast. He can also use his height and jumping ability to eat his opponent and finish the ball.”

(Golden, Tate) and Marvin Jones are also excellent outside players, but the lions lost 67 Anquan Boldin last season. I hope Song Di Di can fill this big gap.

Olympic sprinter joins Indianapolis pony

(Marvin Bracy) brought his talent in the track field to the American football jerseys china field.

The United States Monday, the Indianapolis Colts and the former United States announced that they have completed the signing of the national team athletes, which means the brace will end his 5 year career in athletics took over at NFL open the occupation career.

The 23 year old brace in 2017 was the Carolina Panthers Mini camp trial.

Blaise has won the 60 meter race in the United States in 3 times, taking part in the 100 meter dash at the 2016 Summer olympics. Blaise was an American and a sprinter at Florida State university.
We have witnessed the success of cross – border players more than once, and we hope that Blaise will succeed in the future.

J.J. watt will play Houston, Dezhou’s first preseason game

Tiger missed the news in August 6th after nearly 11 months, (J.J. Watt) will be the first to good jerseys for new return in the next week, but he will not stand on the sidelines.

According to the coach (Bill O’Brien), the Houston Dezhou star defensive winger will play in the first preseason game against the Carolina panthers. It will be the first time Watt has competed since the third week of last season.
Watt missed most of last season because of a back injury, but he has not had any trouble with the Dezhou squad so far. His return, plus the Jadeveon Clowney, will make Dezhou, coaching staff and fans excited about the potential of defending the front seven.

Although we suspect watt and clowney will be a lot of time off the possibility, since September last year, the combination of the first battle to make us look forward to.

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