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Beckham of dissatisfaction with salary to the team

Beckham’s salary is too low, but the giants are sure he’ll stay

Odell – Beckham’s offseason and did not participate in the New York giants jersey voluntary training camp, but this does not mean that Odell Beckham and the New York giants have a certain gap, although Odell Beckham in his twitter issued a series of attacks outside the team not to participate in the training on the speech, perhaps at present Odell Beckham and the New York giants have a little gap, but the New York giants boss believes that the team will take care of the relationship between the two parties, he wanted to become a giant Beckham signs, and always go on like this.

Former New York giants executive Odell Beckham in the fifth year of his rookie contract option, future Beckham can get a salary of $8 million, but now Beckham can only accept close to the basic salary wage level, even, he and Nike signed a 5 year contract for 29 million U.S. dollars than he can now get high salary. This makes Beckham some unhappy, especially can get tens of millions of dollars in annual salary of Julio – Jones and Antonio – Brown. David Beckham will likely choose not to participate in after the team’s training camp in the absence of new contract, by forcing the New York giants. But John, the owner of the giants, has some faith in him. He thinks Beckham’s career will be spent by the giants, and the New York giants want Beckham to wear the New York giants’ shirts for the rest of his career.

You know Odell Beckham is one of the top in the League to take over, but his salary is comparable to the other team’s edge took over, like Julio Jones signed a 5 year contract for 71 million 250 thousand U.S. dollars, AJ- Green is 4 years and $60 million contract, while Antonio Brown got a league high 4 year contract 68 million dollars, and then look at the Beckham, hope giant on an appropriate reason for Beckham in giant with longer.
Murray underwent operation on finger

The Tennessee Titans running back DeMarco Murray recently underwent surgery to repair his right finger, last season, the injury has been with him, as a result, DeMarco Murray will miss the Tennessee Titans as part of a training camp.

“I think it will be alright, but if it can’t recover in the offseason. That is, I expected, but this is not New York Giants jerseys serious, if there is a match that I play, I will go to play, this is a long but minor injuries, but now I think I will to solve this problem now.” Murray said.

For his finger injury, Murray said he was in September 18th last year will be subjected to such a situation, but then DeMarco Murray helped Titan team defeated the Detroit lions.

Of course, Murray missed Tuesday’s training camp, but he still stood watching the two – grade running guard Derek – Henry training. For De Marco Murray’s injury, Titans coach Mike Muraki for the first team running back injuries very seriously, Muraki also hope that DeMarco Murray hopes to training with the team, he also hopes that Murray will be able to catch up with the team’s training camp.

“He should have been ready, he wants it next week training with the team, but should leave a period of time, if not, then he will return to training camp, obviously he is ready for training.” Muraki said.

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