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Brown waits for thousands of years just for tricky quarterback

Starting today, NFL will bring a new interesting links – NFL senior black for you, and from now on, follow the ‘surface’ most black Xiaobian together into the NFL Alliance Real inner world, together with the feelings of the little-known NFL (manual funny):

Denver Mustang’s playoff hopes

Take a look at the aspirations of the Denver Mustang fans

“Did you see that star?” Children, it is now our distance from the playoffs…… ”

As the fiftieth Super Bowl champion, the Broncos last season had missed the playoffs, but this season there is no outstanding quarterback in losing to the same district chief rivals, playoff hopes were fading, in the American League West, Mustang basic again lose the playoff chance.

The future of Brown

Of course, this kind of thing for the playoffs, the first is Cleveland Brown fans a great and ethereal ambition.

“Even if the earth had arrived in 2055, Brown was looking for a suitable starting quarterback, and Elliot was in court and Isere actively suspended a struggle”

Since Brown built the team again, they have not met the tricky quarterback, now Brown’s first quarterback Cazale’s 7 11 shot performance, Cleveland again picked the wrong quarterback. Now the people of Cleveland may have started crying for Oswald Wheeler back

Elliot, from the start of the season with Elliot Brown looking for a quarterback like step on the long road of appeal, because the draft stage last season broke the domestic violence girlfriend incident, at the beginning of the season Elliot was banned for six games punishment, but only one game suspension after Elliot for a successful appeal, invalid, then union again for the pressure to force, while Elliot continues to appeal to lift the ban, the ban farce continue to this day have not found a really accurate results, Elliot in the end could not suspended, the results will be announced in May after 1000 jerseys on.

No real reason Elliot Simon

As for why Elliot’s ban farce became this way, I think there may be the following points:

1, do not want to ban Elliot fans 2, hope the justice of the 3 people, in the fantasy chose Elliot judges.

Fantasy football is a game of war data, people choose players, then players weekly cheap game jerseys competition scores for the game, is a very interesting game. Have Elliot who absolutely do not want to see he was suspended, otherwise they will be missing a fantasy weapons.

But the person who wants Elliot to ban may be because he’s going to face Elliot next week…… )

The Patriot may need a new quarterback

Said Brown looking for good quarterback, still wandering on the free market Capet, Nick is probably a good choice, this is not just heard off the Patriot Jimmy Gallo Polo Capet, Nick immediately gave no backup quarterback available Aigo a call.

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