nfl Brady can go beyond Jordan jerseys

Brady and Jordan holding the trophy

Tom Brady is facing the ultimate challenge, although he is the greatest player of the NFL jerseys alliance, but he was not satisfied with this, when a person becomes the first NFL League has 5 Super Bowl champion quarterback ring, he will not be too satisfied this honor, Tom Reddy cloth is always in the hungry this is the state, so he will not be too soon to celebrate his 40 birthday, which is why he dares to challenge fear of the Madden curse”.

The 39 year old said he has been hit after the age of 40, Brady said he never cares about his age, except perhaps the greatest Jordan Michael – North American sports history, no other player can play to 45 years old, 46 years old, 47 years old or more, Brady have overtaken Michael Jordan, now than another great player Lebron – James Brady, have a better chance to challenge the glory. Tom Brady also believes that they create new historical point the day and await for it.

“I have great respect for Michael Jordan, but I respect all he created everything and he represents, he is such a powerful player, he created many myths, the way he plays is full of artistic and aesthetic feeling, this is so exciting.” Tom Brady said, “but I always said I want to play until the mid 40, and I really want to play at the age of 45 or more, as long as every day I feel good, so I have what reason not to continue.”

Longer occupation career can make Brady have more time to pursue more honors, he wanted the sixth ring or even cheap jerseys more, there are a lot of people have five rings: Magic Johnson, MLB, Kobe legend Derek Jeter and Duncan Brady, but the heart just want to to the ultimate great, though, Tom Brady still keep a humble heart.

“The greatest part of me is my pursuit of the sixth championship rings, this is not the first one, I have five rings now, and I will try to pursue the sixth ring, if I win the sixth rings, so for me this has very great significance, which is not representative I want more than some people, Magic Johnson, Kobe and Duncan these people, I have great admiration. Over the years, I have imagined that I have nothing but a heart to chase, which will make the season wonderful.”

The basketball gods – Michael Jordan and the legendary four Joe Brady is Montana idol, Brady has now more than Montana, but the ultimate goal is Michael Brady Jordan, let us wait and see, perhaps more than Michael – Jordan Brady can honor the ultimate great achievements.

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