NFL football draft, National League North

The second selection too failed bears quarterback

Sports News – with the draft this NFL offseason the most important end of the project, we will also be division as a unit, as we gradually launched this year the teams in the draft performance assessment. Today brought the United Nations North zone.

Division fourth: Chicago bears, score C+

Original lineup flaw: defensive second line, defensive front line, outside take over

Chicago this year’s draft focus entirely on the show Bangyan, as quarterback Mitch trube lipinski. The key problem is that now the team’s coaching staff can not teach to Lipinski can play the main trube. The third sign bears to change the pick to him, is not a small price to pay, also abandoned the selection into Jamal – Adams and Thomas – Salomon excellent defensive players like. For the bears, choose Chomsky Truby thinking no problem, the problem is that so many loopholes in the lineup situation, they are willing to choose to pay so much he picks. The third sign bears, No. sixty-seventh, No. 111st and a round of next year’s sign to San Francisco. For many of the same lineup loopholes 49 people, it is timely assistance. Anyway, now Mike will take the lead in nfl football jerseys getting a chance to prove myself this year, and the cultivation of the team is not Minkowski trube too anxious.

In addition to Truby Skippy, tight end Adam Shahin team chose the lower league in the second round, a great potential, but the players need to accumulate experience. Cornerback Eddie Jackson will play the safetys, with Adrian Amos and Quentin Dempsey competition. Tariq Cohen and Jordan Morgan also need to accumulate experience of the potential. On the whole, only five sign draft scores are difficult to score high.

In order to get the bears getting this transition quarterback did not spend less in the free market, in order to choose the future quarterback Lipinski trube no less pay. Coach John – Fawkes’s task is still very difficult, he is likely to not be able to hold up when the rookie of the year came out.

Division third: Minnesota Vikings draft award B+

The original lineup vulnerabilities: attack, intercept, defensive attack, outside take over

All the fans who saw the Vikings last season knew how bad their attacking front line was. The team knew, so the signing of Riley and Mike ray “Leff price in the free market of flowers, and in seventieth the first choice striker, pat E Flynn, he may be temporarily with Joe – Berg partner guard. Darwin – Cook miraculously fell to the second round, he can run and pick up, the attack on the team will be a whole help. Now in order to fill the vacancy left by Adrian Pedersen, the Vikings have Cook, Murray and Jessica ‘s Weiesi – lata – three Mackinnon. But it’s important to point out that the team made the two round of trading in order to pick E Flynn and Cook.

The defense inside Johnson and djalil inside linebacker bender Deang as the four round of the show are a good choice. In the six round of the near end, Hodges has some potential for catching. Stacy Collis and Rodney – Adams ran

4.45 seconds in vivo test.

Division second: Detroit lions, score C+

The original lineup vulnerability: running guard, defensive end, corner guard

The players selected in Detroit are OK, but not chosen according to their own needs. The team only got red pass hand before the draft aize Kiel – Ansari, the draft is still. General manager Bob – Quinn may feel that such as Charles Harris or Tucker Mckinley as a player for his team system (indeed), then choose the inside linebacker Davies Jared. Davies is good. He should be the main player at once.

The team may put Amir Abudaladang is definitely the main running back view, but considering he and Theo – Reddick’s injury history, it is necessary to choose a team running back, did not do so. But the team selected cornerback in the second round of the idea is right, but not necessarily Deech Tabor worthy of such a high ranking No. 53. He was on the run speed measurement and occupation are slow.

The lion would have added the catcher, but, similarly, had a better choice in the third round of the election of Kenny. Jaron – Rivers – may be able to play outside to some time. Michael Roberts, the ball can cover ability in general, but considering the Eric Aibulun contract has entered into last year, choose the proximal front sense. In the sixth round at the end of election to Brad Kaya worth, he has the potential to become a long-term replacement for Matthew – Staffordshire. Davies and Tabor might be able to play it, but without a high hand, it would be difficult for cheap football jerseys Detroit to score a good draft.

Division Champion: Green Bay Packers, grade B+

The original lineup vulnerabilities: running guard, outside guard, corner guard

After the first round of the signing of the transaction, Green Bay in the second round can choose to tall potential, Wei Wei – Kevin is found in the cheap, which could have been in the first round of the 20 few will be selected. For a two line of wounded soldiers last season, the arrival of Kim was timely. Josh Jones is a good safety, but it is not enough to shake Morgan – Burnett’s main location. Montella Weiesi – Adams is also promising but need to accumulate experience.

As everyone knows the packers another urgent need to add is the position of running back – season ty Montgomery took over the position of the main Li cheng. But they did not vote for Darwin Cook, Joe – not only in the fourth round before Mickelson, chose Jamal Williams, the latter to competition to the main position, but the team was not assured, so after the election of the two running back. Vince – Birger at the local University of Wisconsin is the two TJ- Watt after the hand. Ma Rudge – Dupre is a potential stock.

In general, the running, defensive, outer guard, Wei Wei these three lineup vulnerabilities, in the current draft has been a good complement. In this case, the Packers’ draft score will not be low.

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