NFL legend Payton – Manning will be emcee ESPY Sports Festival

Manning is black, American sports circle

In May this year, ESPN and ABC announced that NFL legend quarterback jerseys Payton – Manning will be the emcee of the twenty-fifth annual ESPY sports festival. As the two Super Bowl winner, Manning was an old acquaintance of ESPY, and in 1998 he won the title of best university football player of the year in ESPY. Between 2004 and 2005, he won the NFL player of the year award. Similarly, in 2005, he also won the best record breakthrough award. In 2007, with his excellent performance in the forty-first super bowl, he won the best championship performance award. Manning’s last ESPY win was traced back to 2014, when he won the best record breakthrough award with his 2013 season single yard 5477 yard yard count and 55 pass touchdown records.

As a ESPY multi Honor winner, Payton – Manning has transformed himself into the role of emcee at the awards ceremony. Is he qualified for the new job? We may wish to take a look at this section of the opening, Manning’s talk show, you can to his hosting skills, little.

Manning speech moment

Tucao NFL: notify security prohibit younger brother Manning admission

The relationship with his brother Eli Manning ridicule: tonight, my brother Eli Manning not because I came to the scene, and the security door are greeted.

Ridicule rams record mediocre, not burst: last season for the Losangeles rams became a famous documentary “winner takes all, losers nothing” character. Focus! Nothing.

Owens wants to ridicule next season return NFL: Aaron – Rodgers in the last season in the NFL regular season that he would lead the packers at the same time, sweep away the millions of enemy troops, Terrell Owens (before NFL took over for him) kincora (American chain restaurants) the boss that he will put the restaurant floor clean.

Laugh at yourself and win the Super Bowl: let’s congratulate Serena Williams on winning the Australian women’s singles title with her baby. You know, this is much harder than the defensive team of the Denver Mustang took me to the Super Bowl two years ago. Thank you very much, Feng – Miller (Mustang Star Defender) buddy.

Laugh at yourself and patriots rival relationship: as the organizers have been forced, I must congratulate Tom Brady jerseys and Bill Bailey Cheik to “steal” the Super Bowl champion. (full court applause) enough, enough, do not applaud ah.

Laughing at the falcons super bowl, the fourth quarter was reversed: “I sympathize with the experience of the falcons, but I’m sure you’ll make a comeback this season.”. The reason why I chose to tell you this at the beginning of the ceremony was that when the ceremony went to 3/4, no one was paying attention. De Freeman (Vantaa falcons running back) don’t go well, we have many wonderful performances.

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