NFL new rules introduced: Alliance relaxation policy

NFL let the rugby league officially announced today again, modify some rules and relax the players celebrate the action of the scale, like President Roger goeldel, said there are more than 80% active or retired players require strongly to relax the rules to celebrate the union scale, after modifying the rules, Roger Goodall also said that this is a good change, in his words “wonderful performance in the players after they can express themselves more happy and”.

Brown hip hop dance

Now the alliance allows the players to use the ball as a prop of celebration, also can do some group celebrations, but also do some celebrations on the ground, but not to relax the rules as to celebrate the union can unbridled do all the action, players can’t do that against the spirit of sportsmanship movements, like hip twist dance is the last season Antonio Brown banned, like Jimmy Graham’s classic dunk action is still being directly prohibited, because when he dunks ways to celebrate the goal up front makes the ball door inclination shadow Union, the shadows still remain. But now, the players can continue to imagine some interesting celebrations, but Roger Godell still has something to say about the problem.

“The team bosses also noticed that the sports morality is very important for every player on the pitch, because there will be a lot of people watching the game, so to maintain a high standard so that people will want to continue participating in.” Godell said.

Of course, put together and celebrate the regulations and rules change overtime overtime, NFL will original 15 minutes to 10 minutes, which means that the advanced attack team will get more benefit, the original rules of the two teams can get more time to build up attack, and thus the words. Once the teams tied into overtime, then the offensive team can better adjust the attack time and not too many opportunities to each other.

As well as to cancel the transition of 75 people, mandatory team at the start of the regular season before the team list of 90 people attrition to 53 people “and” the new regulations add a short-term injuries reserve quota is put together, the new season NFL will become more interesting.

G Ron Kowski restructuring contract will be highly paid

The new England patriots and tight end rob ‘2017 season contract Gelon completed the reorganization, thus will become’ Gelon income NFL League highest tight end players.

The new contract will give an existing kousky glycopyrronium $5 million 250 thousand salary increase to 10 million 750 thousand chance, with conditions as follows:

If the team can participate in more than 90% of Gelon attack in the new season, with 80 catches and 1200 yards and was selected to the all NBA, he can get a salary of $10 million 750 thousand.

And if he takes part in more than 80% of the team’s offense, completes the 70 catch, advances 1000 yards, or gets the 12 touchdown, then he can get $8 million 750 thousand in salary.

If only Gelon is involved in more than 70% attack 800 yards, 60 ball or scored 10 touchdowns, he can get a salary of $6 million 750 thousand.

That is to say no matter how long he after the reorganization of the contract in case, can always get higher salary than previously, the past three years, Gelon Khodorkovsky in 2014 to participate in the 70.3% team’s offensive, and in 2015 he participated in the full 84.2% part.

At present, the league’s highest paid proximal front is the Seattle Seahawks players Jimmy Graham, Marcus Graham wanted to go beyond the salary level still has some difficulty, if can not appear injuries, then may be able to reach the first Gelon in requirements.

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