NFL was chosen as the 20 greatest fashion athlete

Brady was ranked only 12

Recently, the American Sports Illustrated website announced the 20 most fashionable athletes of the year. What sports stars have been chosen as the mainstream of fashion? What are the stars and a unique exotic costume win? Let’s have a look:

Brady was shocked are ranked Westbrook migrant workers with seckill!

Next, let’s take a closer look at what the NFL players on the list represent:

Twentieth place: Jacksonville Jaguar near end – Mercedes – Lewis

Perhaps the Jaguar proximal to this list of the most front is not famous players, but their style, Lewis is really a genius, he has deep attainments for the wear level for stitching, basic colors mix is very professional. His fashion logo is probably the choice of hats, not only that, the suit Lewis is handy, whether it is a jacket, or slim pants with a casual T-shirt, wearing his body so that all are so perfect. In 2010, Lewis to score 700 touchdowns in the 10 yards over the bowl occupation as well as the best second lineup, although in recent years Lewis increases with age gradually lost its main location, but at least he has been in the fashion industry has opened up a new world.

The nineteenth Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Werwilson

Russell is not the kind of Werwilson with fashion genius, but with his wife Ciara on his build, Werwilson has become a variety of activities and the red carpet fashion super highlights, he usually wore a perfect dark suit, they always have a lot of different design details and special pattern. And his leisure style also has a strong sense of hierarchy, while a pair of sunglasses to highlight the integrity of the three-dimensional feeling. The quarterback is always leading the team’s fashion style, whether it’s Calvin, Klein or Armani.

Fourteenth: Carolina Panthers jerseys quarterback cam – Newton

Cam – Newton dress style has always been known for his bold novel, in 2017 Met Gala with a purple dress appearance, wearing a top hat with a feather, particularly eye-catching. In the dress collocation, cam – tripe can always bring unexpected things, he will always use a top hat with a pair of out of the ordinary chic glasses to attract your attention. But it’s really cool. The quarterback brought a lot of fun with his wild and bold choice.

Twelfth: the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

The NFL history first fashion look absolutely beyond your imagination, he can not only UGG brand spokesperson so simple, his fashion is not derived from some fashion brands, you can often see him wearing Fashion Icon Tom Ford design suit, with his wife Giselle and supermodel appear together in a variety of red carpet ndchen and all this moment to upgrade a player to the male fashion point of god. Brady Tom – Ford clothing especially love, of course no matter in leisure or formal occasions. From a loose cardigan to a decent suit, Brady was as perfect as ever.

Second: Chicago bear Catcher jerseys – Victor – Cruz

Victor Cruz’s fashion taste about him from the giants teammate Odell Beckham while on vacation in Miami is already known, but in this fashion the list, Cruz was able to beat Roger Federer or Dwayne Wade such a star can have it a big problem, despite the fame is not high, but Cruz always have a very quick eye for fashion, sometimes his dress may not a mainstream recognition, but he used some wacky style has won numerous eye as well as the topic, but also for the countless fashion people, Cruz showed a perfect fashion. As he himself said: “I’ve been very conservative, I keep my nike jerseys love style, but now is the time to feel the new things, I create some special style, maybe some people don’t think I will dress collocation, but I was to let people for their evaluation.”

Of course, this list of a few athletes might not be optimistic about the style of ordinary people, such as the eleventh ranked C Ronaldo, often with jeans collocation appearance, really very ordinary, but in formal occasions, C Ronaldo had jeans collocation suits and appearance, such collocation not surprising, but ranked first Westbrook ranked second with Victor Cruz have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, Westbrook’s exaggerated stunning dress, at least in the ordinary people are still quite unacceptable, but it can become the talk of people at leisure.

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