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Eagles become league leaders

  Beijing time 8:30 a.m. October 24th. Philadelphia hawks home at the same area rivals Washington red. As the old rivals, the red team won the Hawks by 86 wins, 74 losses and 5 draws. Before the season, the Hawks had been defeated 5 times in the face of the red shirts. The Hawks play this year and beyond all expectations, the second grade quarterback Carson Wentz also overperforming, 3 file conversion success rate even more than 50%, ranked first […]

Video broadcast cowboy vs Cardinals

Two veteran meet at the stadium Teng Beijing time on September 26th at 8:30 in the morning, the NFL regular season third weeks last game started, the Arizona Cardinals will play in the Dallas Cowboys home court challenges. The two sides start all achieved 1 wins and 1 losses, the Cardinals last week pony struggling in the face just rely on overtime to win, the poor state of the face of “the United States team of the Dallas cowboys, the […]

Review the last nfl nike jerseys offseason alliance story

Jacksonville Jaguars No. three team quarterback Brandon Allen was the Jaguars in the active list, which also reflects the team look forward to him, otherwise, he should have been the other team’s potential signing target now. Tennessee Titans Titans the only surprise is, because the rehabilitation against Kansas chiefs on Thursday’s game again hurt himself after surgery outside the right foot, take over ‘- SHARP was included in the injured reserve list. Midland West Denver Mustang The Denver Broncos laid […]

Lions rookie outside eye-catching performance

The lion last season rounded out the red zone after touchdown percentage was 54%, ranked seventeenth, the success of the playoffs is a remarkable achievement. If you can increase this percentage, the lion is expected to make the playoffs to continue this year, they will look round show is a part to help the team improve. Outside (Kenny Golladay) took over the height of 193cm is enough to complete the ball in the end zone, which is also the focus […]

NFL was chosen as the 20 greatest fashion athlete

Brady was ranked only 12 Recently, the American Sports Illustrated website announced the 20 most fashionable athletes of the year. What sports stars have been chosen as the mainstream of fashion? What are the stars and a unique exotic costume win? Let’s have a look: Brady was shocked are ranked Westbrook migrant workers with seckill! Next, let’s take a closer look at what the NFL players on the list represent: Twentieth place: Jacksonville Jaguar near end – Mercedes – Lewis […]

Beckham bogeba articles cheap jerseys dance

In this lonely NFL offseason, happened to those interesting in today’s NFL League? Let’s have a look: Beckham together with Pogba roller coaster crazy dance Odell – Beckham and Paul – the two bogeba, are full of high spirit of entertainment star in the field often use a similar action to express their feelings, some unique celebrations, some interesting. Of course, Beckham and Pogba is already know their friends, Beckham once went to Europe for pleasure will pull Pogba. But […]

New York Giants jerseys

Beckham’s salary is too low, but the giants are sure he’ll stay Odell – Beckham’s offseason and did not participate in the New York giants jersey voluntary training camp, but this does not mean that Odell Beckham and the New York giants have a certain gap, although Odell Beckham in his twitter issued a series of attacks outside the team not to participate in the training on the speech, perhaps at present Odell Beckham and the New York giants have […]

Beckham signed the contract for the most expensive shoes

Odell – Beckham got the biggest contract so far in his career, but the funny thing is that the contract didn’t come from the New York giants, but from the famous sports brand Nike. Today, Nike, Adidas has previously signed Odell Beckham cheap football jerseys out of the contract, the contract value is so high, because Adidas had tried to take Beckham away from Nike’s Nike, so choose to use this price, Adidas opened the contract. Although no detailed sources, […]

49ers jerseys target

76 Kansas chief 49ers jerseys target Xian Wei Justin Houston Houston last season has been affected by injuries, causing him to return in the last 1/3 season, plus the playoff game, a total of just 5 games, but this did not affect his fifth consecutive NFL 100 star list. In these 5 games, Houston still handed over 4 capture, you can look forward to the 2017 season, his full blood regression. 75 Delaney – Walker, Tennessee Titans near the front […]

An offensive quarterback; a business commentary

Shock! The bears quarterback retired when the commentary was cut; but when help bears up The former Chicago bears quarterback Jay Cutler accepted the invitation from Fawkes sports, he officially chose Fawkes as he provides commentary in a post, ended their 11 years of occupation career NFL. This is this year since Toni Romo to accept CBS’s commentary invitation, another NFL before starting quarterback retired to the TV station for commentary. And not only that, Jay Cutler also made a […]