Strongest quarterback performance

Quarterback, one of the components of an attack team in American football, is also the core and leader of the offensive team. Normally, in the array, the quarterback is behind the attacking line, and the center is behind.

The quarterback’s name comes from the Scotland football, which is determined by the distance between the attacking backcourt player and the line player, hence the quarterback, half guard, and full guard. Before serving, quarterback general will convene the offensive team all the players arrange tactics, and according to the code, the rest of the players run password command.

In most cases, the quarterback will hand received from center to serve, he will be on the offensive tactics, or hand off to the running back run, or throwing a ball to the running back, wide receiver and tight end completes the air connection, or choose the ball forward. If a quarterback is good at Yu Chongpao as well as passing, his changing style of attack will cause great trouble to his opponent’s defence.

Such a player, also known as double quarterback. Because quarterback plays an important role in a team’s attack, their play will greatly determine the fate of the team’s season. Today, let’s review the best performance of the top ten NFL single season quarterback in the past 30 years. Look at these people how to attack the brain’s jueshengqianli.

Mark Ruipien 1991 season for the Washington Redskins

Comments: from preventing was sacked this perspective, offensive line players and quarterback all have their own merits, so Ruipien only in the 1991 season was sacked 7 times the data should also consider his excellent performance. At the same time, averaging 14.3 yards of data per successful pass was also NFL’s record

Vigny Testa Fode 1998 season New York jets

Comment: 1998 season, the New York jet team’s record is 12 wins and 4 losses, but three of the losses in the first place is the alternate nfl quarterback jerseys – welfare. In order to debut as a starting quarterback, Testa Fode lost only one regular season game, and had 29 touchdowns and 7 steals excellent data. One of these was the result of the failure of Hail Mary pass. Although the jet team faced seventh of the league’s defensive schedule, Vigny was still at the top of his career.

Payton Manning – the 2013 Denver Broncos season

Comments: 659 passes with 55 touchdowns to complete data, can let Manning second in the total data list, but in the attention of offensive efficiency and quality rankings in each time, Manning only ranked eighth. That season, the wild horse team’s over easy schedule was an important factor in keeping Manning low.

Randall – Corelle, ham, 1998 season, Minnesota Vikings

Comment: This is the year of Corelle’s heroes and the return of the king. The average number of net passes per game was 8.03 wholesale jerseys yards, ranking first in the league. This season, only Chris Chandler of the Atlanta falcons was over 7.2 yards above the data.

Steve Jan 1992 San Francisco 49 team

Remark: This was the year in which Yang took over the 49 men from the Joe Montana. This season, his first in the League: the average number of data each time the ball net propulsion code number 7.7 yards, passing success rate of 66.7% and 25 touchdowns. In addition, he sent only 7 shots, 537 yards of ground run yards, and 4 runs.

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