Superman returns from NFL jerseys

Newton set the record as the first man in history

The long-awaited eleven long vacation, coincidentally, this week’s NFL games are also very exciting, to everyone’s holiday, watching a good start in life. Wonderful game, natural data interesting data, take a look at it.

New Orleans saints 20-0 Miami dolphins

The brave and rely on the defense attack group, the saints made in London by the way beyond all expectations of victory, in recent years the saints defense because of a bad play performance history level and become the last league laughingstock, sealed the opponent or in the 2012 season, on the road (this is the London Games as dolphins home court) zero closure is to be traced back to the 1995 season. Meanwhile, the saints attack team didn’t lose the ball in the four game, just the third team to do that since the rules were passed.

The dolphin attack continued to struggle, with lightning scoring 3 points in the second half of the week, and last week and this week halftime. Last time a team started, four weeks in the first half, 3 points, or Tampa Bay pirates in the 1998 season.

Tennessee Titans, 14-57, Houston, Dezhou

The original two straight Titans today on both ends are not satisfactory, quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita was traded for a hamstring injury, when the rest of the midfield, but his 96 yards and 39 yards still are the most visible team, second half substitute Matt Cassell did not play led any effective attack and defense, a long time in the game, is also unable to maintain a high level of. In the first half of the game the score was 14-30, and in the second half it was 0-27. After 57 points is also the team since 2009 sixth weeks by the Patriot 59-0 bloodbath, lost most in one game.

For the Titans, it is a historic shame, and a natural victory for the people of Dezhou. Rookie four points guard Sean – Watson 4 pass 1 run, a total of 5 reach, is the only third in history to do this rookie. Before the game, Dezhou team history brief a total of only 6 times in the second half of the match in the 27 points, nfl jerseys cheap and today they did in the two half. To do this, it is not difficult to imagine, 57 points is the highest scoring team history.
San Francisco 49 15-18 Arizona Cardinals (OT)

As a season ago, it was widely believed that this season will not be competitive, the performance of the 49 team is actually very good, but unfortunately it is always a little bit worse than winning. The last three games, the team lost points are 3 points, 2 points and 3 points, this is the team’s 72 year history, the first three consecutive games jerseys with such a small difference to lose. This is only the fifth time team history start fourth.

The Cardinals won a rare victory this season two victories are won in overtime, the history of a total of only 10 teams have won 3 games in a single season overtime. Today the team can win, thanks to the veteran quarterback Carson Palmer stepped forward, he killed 6 times in the captured case is still 51 33 357 yards 1 touchdowns 1 steals. The last time in the Cardinals put 6 sacks still win, going back to the 2012 season of the fourth week.

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