Talking to Bracey Brady concussion

Tom Brady’s wife Giselle recently revealed that Brady had ndchen of concussion, this one Mottaki, on this matter, another four century elite quarterback Drew Bracey on the Brady expressed their sympathy, but a trick for brady.
In order to avoid his wife or other relatives say some strange words, Drew – Bracey said some things he does with his wife Brittany.

“I don’t want to tell my wife to keep him from worrying.” Bracey said he thought the thing about nfl jerseys china concussion was a “gray area” because the players would never want to know they were suffering from concussion, because the injury would keep them from playing. Bracey to reporters to share his one and only by the condition of concussion, it is one thing to others he often mentioned, that was in 2004, Drew – Bracey is still San Diego lightning team playing.
“I know this is not what a good thing, I know I was a concussion, but I wanted to play, I want to stay there as far as possible to continue the game, but our coach put me off, it’s like coach said ‘I see you like this. I think you can not adhere to the game’ feeling.” Bracey said, “at that time, you didn’t want to be replaced because of the situation, but that’s why the concussion agreement exists.”.”

Obviously, for many players who think they can continue to play in the concussion, so they will choose not to tell others, but in the case of a concussion playing players’ brains will be affected badly, Bracey obviously know the situation, but the NFL Union’s fierce competition, the players do not want to easily the absence of a game, because their position is likely to be replaced, Brady is one such player, even garbage time he wouldn’t give other people the time, this is probably the reason hidden Brady injury.

The Eastern Conference finals playoffs in third games, the Ottawa senators in home court against Pittsburgh penguins. The two sides had a big 1-1 draw, and the game ended with a 5-1 win.

The first round of the playoffs in the first warm-up battle back injury penguins goalkeeper Matt Murray in the game finally ushered in this year’s playoffs debut, but the way a bit embarrassed — the first section of the game, goalkeeper lejus Eph letting senators nine shots and scored four goals. So in the first quarter before the end of 7 minutes and 08 seconds, Murray replaced Fulerui go into battle.

In the playoffs this year all the penguins, Mark – Andre – lejus are starting to play. Before the game, he played well, played 14 games, conceded 2.32 goals, with a saving rate of 93.1%.

And Matt – Murray last year to play as a rookie 21 games, averaging 2.08 goals, the rescue rate of 92.3%, has achieved wholesale nfl jerseys china 15 wins and 6 losses record, and ultimately helped penguins win the Stanley cup. But Murray has been absent because of injury since April this year.

The Eastern Conference finals to third games, the present senator with big score 2-1 lead. The two sides of the fourth war in Beijing on Saturday to continue in Ottawa.

In section second, the penguins attempt to strengthen the attack, but low morale in their frontcourt organization is very rough, the three group and two group Kulun center Ronnie, center Malkin and defender Daly has their own players to collide with each other. Eighteenth minutes, Tousoulis and Hoffman returned again, two people go hand in hand into the penguin blue line, Hoffman’s shooting action although penguins defender blocked, but Tousoulis followed up after the ball get rid of penguin defender Cole defense after pulling the ball backhand shot will expand the score to 5:0.

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