The attacker, rookie Wei, is under police investigation

NFL rookie because of rape into the police station, on a huge loss

The Raiders used their first round No. twenty-fourth very decisively chose the alleged rape rookie gallon Conley, then the young in the draft after entering the police station for questioning, not only that, he also received the DNA ratio to determine whether a suspected case.

Conley said his Raiders on Thursday night after he chose him, on nfl jerseys china Monday morning they were taken to the police station for questioning. But it is only part of the plan, Conley was charged with crime of rape in Cleveland, so he can only go to Cleveland to accept the investigation.

According to the police, the informer is a 23 woman, the woman accused of Conley and people forced to have sex. And this time Conley clarified his innocence, and there are two witnesses and not proof of the innocence of Conley conley. After being selected in the Conley Raiders, also said he is still a good story that he will prove his innocence.

“I believe it can solve the problem. I’ve done lie detection. I made my statement, and I have all the evidence. I believe it can be solved.”.” Conley said.

“As I said in my statement, I can make better judgments. I mean, I don’t know what I’m getting into, but I’m sure I can make a better choice.”.” He said that according to such view, the young man seems to have encountered a green hand pimp event.

And Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie mancone Qi that Conley a good child, he made a decision in the book of life and death, the first round of their own team to sign on the young people, believe that Mackenzie’s choice is not a problem.

“We believe that our investigation and report on all things conley.” Mackenzie said firmly.

Shock! The 49 draft made so belated effort.

The 2017 draft, more surprising is the Chicago bears after the San Francisco 49 team deal with the pick to choose the University of North Carolina quarterback Mitch – Chubisiji. This makes the Chicago bears fans at home a gush in the network, is not only the fans feel puzzled, and even the general manager of San Francisco even a team of 49 people responsible for the operation of the John – Lynch puzzled, Lynch once said he began to think that the Chicago bears will choose Solomon – Thomas, and will not let such a brilliant young people fall in their own hands, so Lynch and 49 of San Francisco’s chief strategy officer palakad Mares also conducted a debate.

“Who is the person they want? Maybe Solomon Thomas, right?”” John – Lynch said.

“You can call me crazy, but I think the bears will choose Chubisiji.” Replied Mares.

“If that is the case, why do they still sign getting?” Lynch retorted.

It was a conversation between 49 people in San Francisco on the day of draft day. At that time the Chicago cheap china jerseys bears general manager Ryan Perth decided with 49 people on the draft rights trading, bears did not reveal to the 49 person they want to choose the rookie candidate, but Chicago agreed to a 49 person lion big openings.

Finally, contrary to John – Lynch and other people’s surprise, the team still got Solomon – Thomas. On their draft board, the three players were Meyers – ray, Reuben, Forster and Thomas. And the 49 unexpectedly won two of them. The view of the 49 people never thought of choice Chubisiji, and Chicago bears also seem to understand this point. As for this reason, obviously not 49 people in San Francisco need to consider, and Chicago bear manager Pais so insisted reason is probably because they are afraid of other teams and 49 people trading.

Pittsburgh Steelers chose a young quarterback as a future supplement, selected from Tennessee Steelers quarterback Josh Dobbs in the fourth round, and the team’s quarterback lineup too bloated, on Monday, the Steelers team announced that cut the original backup quarterback Matt Berg, the 2014 six round pick not in the Steelers played any games.

Dobbs is very similar to last year’s four round pick quarterback Darko Prescott, and this is not just the two of them are in the fourth round of the No. 135 draft pick, even two in college records, Dobbs has a similar success with prescott.

In the current Pittsburgh Steelers in Landry – Jones is still the Rothlisberger bench, and Dobbs is currently the Steelers to train players. Was the Steelers cut Matt Berg may not have the team wanted him, he first played the game had never achieved victory. Dobbs as a quarterback at the University of Tennessee last year was the best, he came a total of 2946 yards for 27 touchdowns and also rushed the ball got 831 yards and 12 touchdowns, is the movement ability of the quarterback, although not most people are optimistic about what he can achieve success in the NFL, but the Steelers learning experience it is a very good destination.

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