The Panthers super quarterback plummeted

Today, NFL announced the new phase of the new season’s star list, with the list of the more in front, face more and more familiar, the most surprising is that last year all-match held the head of Newton actually fell 44, and he also believe that this poor performance last season and the Panthers did not enter the playoffs has a direct relationship, let us look at the stars who have put 100.

50 Marcus – Mario Kobita, the Tennessee Titans quarterback

The 2016 season for the former quarterback pick, is the dream is also slightly regret nfl jerseys football of the season. Mario Kobita completely broke the second grade in his final season, his first selected 100 star list. Under the protection of a league’s top striker, Mario Kobita for the entire season over 3426 yards and 29 touchdowns in the data, while only 9 steals, leaving 95.6 season quarterback score, while 349 yards and 2 rushing touchdowns. Outstanding performance has led the Titans bite the AFC South top teams last season, Dezhou, until second weeks Mario was sacked when tower in the fracture end, when the end of the season the team lost, unfortunately lost the battle playoff. Last season’s 9 – 7 record was the best after the 2011 season. This offseason for the Titans fans, here’s the best news than Mario Kobita has resumed training.

49 – Houston Judd viand clowney Dezhou defensive end.

Last season, Dezhou people still rely on 9 wins and 7 losses record into the playoffs in the JJ w accidental injury cases, here and in 2014 draft clowney health and adjust the position of defensive end has a lot to return. Since 2014, after being selected, clowney have been detained “this hat smuggled goods, rookie season champion title outside linebacker, but at the end of the end of the season on the disabled list for the entire season, only 4 games left 0 sacks, PFF gave him 49 points unqualified score. The 2015 season, Dezhou coach group to continue to put him in an outside linebacker position, but Klauni still hasn’t found his best feeling, injuries season played 13 games, 4.5 sacks performance is still not worthy of his champion status. But into the 2016 season, Dezhou finally decided to return his Kelaonirang premise of defensive ends, then get out of hand: 6 sacks although not much, but always rushed to the opponent from pressure, also the entire season and 52 tackles including 16 negative yardage grapple in a playoff game steals. This revival of performance for Dezhou in the offseason decided to implement fifth years clowney rookie contract options, you can imagine a healthy clowney and JJ watts, this can be a kind of impulse transfer portfolio in the 2017 season.

48 Jordi – Nelson, Green Bay Packers took over

The top of the League over belonging to the veteran, in 2015 ranked 100 star list is 18. But in the 2015 season of the preseason opener Hall of Fame Game, no contact under Nelson but accidentally broke his knee ligament, spent the 2015 season on the disabled list, so he did not appear in the list of 100 star last year. The 2016 season, Nelson first show everyone seems to himself never been seriously injured, 1257 yards receiving yards per catch, size up to 13 yards, and 14 touchdowns leading NFL ball, high optical performance such that I was the number one star Green Bay and took over, Rodgers is still the most reliable fielder. Excellent performance also allowed Nelson to win the NFL back of (Come player the year)

47 Trent Williams, the Washington Redskins offensive tackle

Williams in the last season at once because of the use of the drug was suspended for four games, but this did not football jerseys china affect the completion of the 66 million offensive tackles in the 2015 season of renewal. No doubt, Williams was the best player of the season last season, even the best attacking forward in the League of 2016. In the 12 season of the season, Williams only allowed his quarterback to suffer 16 pressures. Whether it is to protect the pass or run the ball open, Williams last season are almost perfect, protect the passing score of 90.6 points ranked third, and the 89 point run is the highest scoring ball open all tackle in the league. Williams scored 92.8 points last season, with the League cutting back at the top. Such a top performance has made him a career bowl for the past 5 years, and for the first time in 2016, he has been voted the best team of the season by the The Associated Press.

46 – Michael Bennet, the Seattle Seahawks defensive end

From the part of the defensive visual data that is JJ w close to the defensive end is probably the Seahawks star Nate Shouben rushed pass. The rookie of the year, who failed in 2009, proved his defensive value after entering the NFL. Last season, Bennet injured restrictions on the playoffs he played only 13 games, but still over 34 tackles and 5 sacks, the two consecutive season has been selected occupation bowl that he is the league’s top military one of the red.

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