The Patriot used Blount’s special label usa jerseys

Patriots use rare tags for meritorious running guards

The new England patriots running back up quite well, the team not only retains the Super Bowl champion running back lineup, also signed as Lex – Burke Hyde and Mike Gillis Leigh such outstanding running back to supplement, now the Patriots running back group is already saturated, but still do not want to let go of the Patriot Le Garrett Blount the team are all patriots, such as Burke Hyde, James White – running back, and punching the ball type reliable running back only a Gillis Leigh, last season’s League rushing touchdowns while Wang Le Garrett Blount became a free agent, but he still has a lot of ideas on Aigo, at Le Garrett Blount has not signed by other teams, so the idea of a patriot, they Blount used a very rare tag to try to leave such a strong Force running guard.

This label is called the label in May 9th, this is a label is rarely mentioned, was hit on the label means that the player if before July 22nd is still not signed by any team, then the 2017 season Le Garrett Blount only for the new England patriots team; and if Brown we can sign with another team, so Blount will return a patriot nfl jerseys equal overall picks. The label was worth 1.1 times the player’s salary last season, that is, the Patriots didn’t spend too much money for Blount. At present, Garrett Blount is the NFL league only one player accepted the label in May 9th.

The 30 year old running back has not with any team to reach an agreement, even if the Patriots in the offseason signed a new two running back, although the Patriots always regard and wages, but Blount remains a member they want to leave.

The drunk driver was signed by the Vikings

After Michael Freud following the new England patriots won Super Bowl champion lost, until the Minnesota Vikings today to sign, Michael Freud returned to Minnesota and returned to his place to grow up, the drunk driver finally home.

The foreign take over in a short period of a year, but inexplicably stood on the peak, he was arrested because of drunk driving was arrested by the police, the team was laid off, but with the new England patriots signed, lying win champion. Even the off-season after a period of time but the No one shows any interest in, and finally found a job over. He and Adam – Dylan, Stephen – Digges and the first round of the 2016 Sula Gunn – along with Treadwell composed of strong group as the Vikings ball rattling.

Michael – Freud signed a $1 million 500 thousand contract with the Vikings for a year, while Freud could get as much as $6 million in bonuses, provided he had good performance. Freud grew up in Minnesota, and this time home might give him a new feeling. But even if the return to the hometown team, Floyd still has to accept last season due to drunk driving punishment, the NFL will take care of him, he had to accept 24 days in jail and grounded for 96 days, but also accept the long time of community service. Last season, he did not perform well with the Patriots, when he finished only 4 passes in two games, advancing 42 yards. If he can recover his 1041 yard 5 pointer in the 2013 season, then there is reason to believe he can find a seat in the Minnesota vikings.

The first 49 people signed by the Cardinals quarterback

Free agent Blaine Jiabote also found under the house, he and the Cardinals signed a one-year contract.

Gaport San Francisco as the 49 people in the early season starting quarterback, led 49 people to defeat the Losangeles rams in the first game, but after Gaport’s poor performance so that he was half-way Klein Capet replaced nick. At the end of the season, the quarterback kept 68.4 of the quarterback’s cheap football jerseys score. He got a total of 925 yards, 5 shots and 6 shots.

The Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback was the first round of the tenth overall pick in the 2011 draft, but he was reduced to three years in smuggled goods, Jaguar, Jiabote ran out of patience when he went to the team, a team of 49 people to San Francisco, he still keeps his own ordinary performance, in 2015 he played eight that game career high 63.1% pass hit rate, a total of 2031 yards and he came 10 touchdowns.

In the Jiabote starting over in the game, he has only 5 wins and 22 losses this embarrassing performance, the Cardinals choose a contract, but also taking into account the main team Palmer state of decline, Jiabote can serve as a suitable backup quarterback, but may also be the first.

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