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Durant was embarrassed

Tucao NBA: Durant to join the United States women’s gymnastics team

Durant joined the Warriors: ridicule us women’s gymnastics team is too dominant, heard that Kevin Durant is ready to join them in the next year, I can remind you, you may have the chance to start for the team. What do you think, Westbrook?

Pohl Zingis: Krista staples – Bohr ridicule Jin Jisi can’t believe Madison garden how chaos, you know he’s grown up in latvia.

Ridicule Charles Oakley events: this year for Nicks is too bad, because of their crazy move, had to ask a former legend left the stadium.

Nicks ridicule New York chaos season: Phil Jackson Nicks team can count on is New York sports history of the most embarrassing thing, don’t forget, Mark Sanchez have hit on his teammates on the backside, caused a falling ball. In the November 22, 2012 Thanksgiving war, New York air jet quarterback Mark – Sanchez missed the ball after hitting teammate Brandon Moore’s hip, causing the rival Patriots to pick up the ball and complete the touchdown. The drop was voted ESPN’s most embarrassing moment in the history of New York’s Jet fleet

Ridicule deandre Jordan: I really don’t know why the aflaqi duck (Ambassador, family life insurance image is Payton Manning’s endorsement of the national mutual insurance company’s competitors) seats to Peter Jordan’s good Andrew…

Black NBA regular season: let us relax, enjoy tonight’s event, the battle is of no importance, just like the regular season as NBA jerseys.

Simon Bayer wins the best female athlete

Tucao American sports circle: ESPY first award, Bayer is still in the mother’s belly?

Several MC black ESPY poor rating historical dominance: I’m honored today to pick a few “history” of the former ESPY master class, including Jimmy Schmitz, Geoff, Fox Voci, and Toni danza. I and their only difference is that I know what I should quit.

Simon Byers ridicule neck injury as well as their own Awards: ESPY for the first time in 1993, the Jordan occupation career third NBA Championship year, women’s gymnastics Simon Bayer Sishang was born, and I still play with my neck.
At WWE, the Rio Olympic Rochet perjury and Phelps: This is rare in recent years to athletes identity over the ESPY MC, in addition to last year’s John – Senna (WWE). John – Senna is an athlete, just like Lane Rochette is an honest witness. What do you think, Phelps?

Laugh at yourself as a spokesperson for the national mutual insurance company: “I am not a NFL player now. I am not an enemy of the Patriots, nor are they the falcons. Now my enemies are in the insurance business.”. I as a nationwide team, I have LuckyFlo (forward insurance Ambassador), Aaron Rodgers (State Farm Insurance advertising star, the Green Bay Packers quarterback), and the damn aflaqi duck (Ambassador family life insurance image) competition.

At their next ad: I know you who always said I received a lot of spots advertising, want to let my head sweating. I tell you, you let me sweat not yet cheap sports jerseys, Gatorade to me to add more water?. The perfect match for Gatorade, Papajohn pizza, and Ford!

Ready to laugh at yourself too full, the scene to control high: I look back at the opening talk 9 times 1994 ESPY MC Denis – Miller, Payton, I realized that you have retired, you don’t have all the small details to control the scene. Hey, this shot is too close. Pull it far away… (in front of the main camera said) listen, I don’t have to worry about all the details of the party, Bob (gaffer), the lights turn red, I don’t have any department of the command of the scene for the blue, I only need to enjoy the fun tonight on the line, Geoff (director), P.K. (Nashville Raiders player soubanh) a shot, also give the duck a shot… You know, enough preparation has given me two Super Bowls, and many of the most valuable players, and there should be applause (applause), and there should be more applause. But tonight’s party doesn’t need much preparation for a star interlude, and I’m the host of this party, with a shining star through the motions.

For Payton Manning’s comments ridicule, American netizens have also praised, exclaimed: “I never thought you are such a brother.” Perhaps, in the near future, we will be in the NFL commentary booth, to see Payton – Manning figure.

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