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Two veteran meet at the stadium

Teng Beijing time on September 26th at 8:30 in the morning, the NFL regular season third weeks last game started, the Arizona Cardinals will play in the Dallas Cowboys home court challenges. The two sides start all achieved 1 wins and 1 losses, the Cardinals last week pony struggling in the face just rely on overtime to win, the poor state of the face of “the United States team of the Dallas cowboys, the two teams will impact what kind of spark, then the Tencent sports will bring the game live video, here is the prospect of this game let’s take a look at it!

The Arizona Cardinals

Last week, the Indianapolis pony struggling in the face, the Cardinals did not show their fighting force, until the middle of the fourth quarter behind 10 points, if not the last moment Carson Palmer opened long fighting mode, they almost lost the game. Because of injuries, the Cardinals offensive was misfiring, even in the face of weak defense pony also appears helpless, star David Johnson because the wrist surgery is expected to be out for a couple of months, this new team rushed to sign Chris Johnson, a Chris game – Johnson 11 red ball for 44 yards. To save the ground offensive on the cardinals.

After two consecutive away games this week, the Cardinals finally returned to the familiar home court, but the first home court to face rivals Dallas Cowboys cardinals, I am afraid it is difficult to obtain a home court. Nelson took over the JJ- outside the last game excellent condition, but also stimulate Carson Palmer pass is the desire, but it looks like a point, if this point is watching live, then veteran Larry Fitzgerald had to stand up, Fitzgerald has two consecutive season kiloyards history, but the six time he face the cowboy is averaging only four receptions for a total of one touchdown, sounds unbelievable?

Dallas Cowboys wholesale jerseys

The cowboys on a game airs at Denver plateau, the Mustang beat black and blue. Paowei star Elliot played the occupation career worst of a war, the 9 red ball 8 yards, size less than 1 yards, with ground offensive system the best league played under such bad data is really shocking, but the fact that Elliot is not a slump, but the Broncos’ on the ground is too strong, so this time at Arizona, Elliot is likely to be lost in the Denver cardinals who face one in the back, but also cannot say too, the Cardinals now will carefully study in cowboy Mustang video game, so the final test or coach ability.

The Cowboys offensive lines compared with last season actually is some really struggling, von Miller last week in the face of this alliance top military was rushed outside, took a two note to Miller all a hideous mess, captured and killed, and now the Cardinals have the same top military alliance outside Chong – Jones and Marcus – Gordon Chandler this gold partner, the Cowboys offensive attack will continue to challenge. If the pride of the ground offensive was sealed, the offensive line of survival broke through again, and then everyone saw it. But after all the cowboys in strength or rolling the cardinals, but don’t underestimate the enemy retreats, presumably not difficult.

Two veteran shouted from each other

Larry Fitzgerald and Jason Witten last met in 2014, two veterans are well-known in the league. The 33 year old Fitzgerald has completed two consecutive one thousand yards season was the Cardinals jerseys history online the most receiving yards outside over; Jason witten in the first week just beyond Michael Erwin, also completed the ball team history Mawang this feat, the number of people receiving two occupation career completed 1134 and 1106 respectively. Second, in the history of the NFL third and fourth.

The old couple feel for the first time Freemasonry was in 2013, when they were Walter Payton Award nominations, and strive for charity. Two people before training camp were talked about each other, Jason Witten said he and Larry are very similar, and respect for the people of Larry, he let the alliance become out of the ordinary. Fitzgerald responded that the Witten character is very special, he is all the young players in the league as an example.

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